Art Journalling

I can't quite remember where I heard about Art Journaling, but I found this fab DVD. I am now well and truly hooked! It is brilliant. Doing art journaling has made me remember how I felt when I was in the art room at school. I loved it.

As a suffer of OCD I do like things clean and a certain way. But with art and art journaling, it feels ok to be messy. Its fun and I think a good way to relieve stress and express what might be bothering you.
Anyway, I won't waffle on much more, take a look and if you fancy a go, I recommend you get this DVD by Kate Crane. (There are another two dvd's just been released! Check them out too).
I enjoy watching it over and over when I have time and I need some inspiration. I think Kate is a very talented lady and I love her projects.

Here are are few of my projects.

One of my first pages, about my cat.

Think this is a monkeys song! The words remind me of someone :)

Swimming in the sea in spain. Loved this photo.

Pink song. But also describes home life since the neighbours moved in 5 years ago.